Saturday, March 19, 2011

I BELIEVE IN PINK...............

Hello Friends. I am guilty of Blog neglect! Time slips away when a busy life enters the picture. Here's an update.... I have been very happily working many more hours these days at job I absolutely LOVE. (We just celebrated an anniversary last weekend & it was such fun!)
I have been out junkin' with a dear friend, working on projects for my booth(s) & have started in on Spring cleaning! Even though it still feels like January outside, I am encouraged by the sweet little pink Cherry Blossoms & happy little Daffodils that have surfaced.

Well, about my Post title... I purchased this fabulous sign yesterday at the best place around; Any guesses? This sign really hit home with me. So fun, so positive. It made me smile. Though, I do have to admit, it's the only black item in my house amongst all of my white & pink. That's just fine. Maybe this item will lead to more masculine tones. HA!
Have a wonderful Spring everyone! It officially starts tomorrow! Hugs, Raylene


  1. Happy Spring Raylene! I hope to see you in the store next time I pop in!

  2. Your sign is gorgeous, even though it's black!

  3. I wondered whos sign that was! I believe in Pink too :)!


  4. That is a great sign! If you ever decide to part with it...;-)..Lisa