Sunday, October 24, 2010

For the LOVE of Silver

I have 2 spaces at Camas Antiques now, yay!! Thank you JoAnn! My first love is pink so one space is my signature girly look with many sweet items like: vintage clothes, purses, gloves, pink & silver tiaras...etc. At the advice of my friend Sue of bella I decided to go with one neutral look in my large space instead of trying to have 2 looks in one. Thank you Sue!! I'm having so much fun! Here are some pics. (Sorry about date on photos. I can't figure out how to remove it from my camera.) Arghhh!

 My newest love is silver. As much as I love patina, I just had to polish this silver water pitcher. It is so pretty! A grape motif wraps the pitcher & shows off better against the shiny silver. Once I got started polishing my silver stash, I couldn't stop!  I spent several hours last Thursday giving my Camas Antique's booth a fresh Fall look & I added the silver. Many of my items are 15% off thru 10/31.

Love this chippy cabinet door!!
I'd like to add a moment of personal reflection.......
Some may have wondered how my transition has been from store owner to.....where I am now. I have to say that at times I miss my store, but I don't have any regrets on my decision to move on. JoAnn, the owner of Camas Antiques has helped me more than she may know. She has welcomed me into her beautiful store with open arms and in doing so, this has allowed me to continue to do what I love. For those of you who need a connection to the past like you need air to breathe, I think you get what I mean. As a girl with an old soul, I am grateful to her for this.


  1. Hi Raylene! I am a fellow C.A. dealer and met you once a several months ago...Margaret introduced us. I was just admiring your new space downstairs and noticed your blog written on your tags! I too am new to the blog is such a fun outlet to share our projects with others who appreciate the charm in vintage treasures and hand crafted goods. I look forward to following your blog posts and hope to run into you at the shop one day soon! Happy Treasure Hunting! -Amanda

  2. Hi Raylene!
    Thank you for visiting our blog and for your kind words! It was such a pleasure meeting and talking with you! I told my Mom all about how adorable you are, so I hope she gets to meet you next time she is in Camas Antiques. I look forward to following your blog and to seeing you next time I pop in the store.
    Hugs to you too!